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Everyone promises customer care, but we go the extra mile by anticipating your needs and proactively offering the right solution each and every time. Let’s face it, home buying is not easy. There are so many critical decisions to be made. But rest easy, at Green City, we are with you every step of the way to make your home buying a smooth and seamless experience. Our customer care process is friendly and comprehensive, covering everything from initial consultation to design to construction to final occupancy. At every stage, you have a dedicated customer care specialist to explain the process, answer your questions and make you feel comfortable. All our homes come with the Tarion Warranty for complete peace of mind. At Green City, we care and it shows.


Quality care involves all aspects of your Green City home. This includes a walkthrough from our experienced Service Representatives to ensure that any deficiencies that do not meet our Green City standards are serviced prior to your pre-delivery inspection. The purpose of the Quality Control Inspection is to:

  • Ensure your home has been built in accordance to the terms and conditions set out in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
  • Ensure all finishings you have selected are completed as per the colour chart and approved upgrades are installed.
  • Ensure your home is up to Green City’s above-industry standards.


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What is Tarion Warranty

Tarion is a not-for-profit consumer protection organization established by the Ontario government to administer the province’s new home warranty program. For over 40 years, Tarion has served new home buyers and new home owners by ensuring that one of their life’s biggest investments is protected. By law, all new homes built in Ontario are provided with a Tarion Warranty by the builder. Tarion’s role is to ensure that buyers of newly built homes in Ontario receive the coverage they are entitled to under the warranty.

One Year Warranty
  • Requires a home is constructed in a workman-like manner and free from defects in material;
  • Protects against unauthorized substitutions;
  • Requires the home to be fit for habitation;
  • Protects against Ontario Building Code violations; and
  • Applies for one year, beginning on the home’s date of possession even if the home is sold.
Two Year Warranty
  • Protects against water penetration through the basement or foundation walls;
  • Protects against defects in materials that affect windows, doors and caulking and defects in work that results in water penetration into the building envelope;
  • Covers defects in work or materials in the electrical, plumbing and heating delivery and distribution systems;
  • Covers defects in work or materials that result in the detachment, displacement or deterioration of exterior cladding (such as brickwork, aluminum or vinyl siding);
  • Protects against violations of the Ontario Building Code that affect health and safety; and
  • Applies for two years, beginning on the home’s date of possession.
Seven Year Warranty

Your home’s seven year warranty covers major structural defects (MSD) and begins on the date you take possession of the home and ends on the seventh anniversary of that date. In respect of a post June 30, 2012 home, any defect in work or materials in respect of a building, including a crack, distortion or displacement of a structural load-bearing element of the building, if it,
(i) results in failure of a structural load-bearing element of the building,
(ii) materially and adversely affects the ability of a structural load-bearing element of the building to carry, bear and resist applicable structural loads for the usual and ordinary service life of the element, or
(iii) materially and adversely affects the use of a significant portion of the building for usual and ordinary purposes of a residential dwelling and having regard to any specific use provisions set out in the purchase agreement for the home
The seven year MSD warranty includes significant damage due to soil movement*, major cracks in basement walls, collapse or serious distortion of joints or roof structure and chemical failure of materials.

What do the HCRA and Tarion do?

Home Construction
Regulatory Authority


  • Regulate and licence new home builders and vendors
  • Enforce high professional standards in competency
  • Handle home buyer concerns about the conduct of their builder or vendor
  • Manage the Ontario Builder Directory

Tarion logo

  • Backstop the new home warranties, manage warranty claims and claim payouts
  • Enrol new homes in the warranty and protection program
  • Handle underwriting of vendors and builders
  • Conduct pre-possession risk-based inspections
Your Tarion Warranty

Your Tarion Warranty begins on the date of your closing. You will receive a Homeowner Package containing information on your rights and responsibilities under the Tarion Warranties Plan Act. Please review it carefully and keep in a safe place for reference.

Our Promise to You

We promise you Prompt and Professional Service of the Highest Standard.

Our Response Times

Immediate – In case of emergencies (e.g. loss of power, heat or flood)
1 Week – Loss of performance (e.g. air conditioning or refrigeration)
2 Weeks – Maintenance issues (e.g. door swing, security alarm, etc)


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