live life


At Green City, we live and breathe sustainable luxury. It starts right at the design stage with innovative ideas, natural materials and energy saving technologies. Our building processes are optimized to lower our carbon footprint as well as that of our homeowners. Our homes are detailed with innovative green features that save energy, water and resources. These include low E argon gas windows, water saving plumbing fixtures, options for recycled content countertops and flooring, spray foam insulation to garage ceiling, energy-efficient appliances, taped heating/cooling ducts, and more. Clean, green living and energy conservation is at the core of our green philosophy.


Harnessing technology for a rich, full life is central to our thinking at Green City. For instance, today’s modern families love connecting on any device at any time or place. That’s why we provide USB charging outlets in the kitchen, master bedroom and family/great room. Home security is important to every new homeowner. Feel secure with the option for a front entry video doorbell camera. At Green City, your luxury, comfort and security come naturally.